+ What is a walking food tour?

A food tour is a great way to experience a new place with a local. A guide takes you through a series of curated stops showcasing favorite appetizers, alcoholic beverages, entrees and desserts at the best restaurants in Cheyenne. Walking allows you to focus on a specific area of the city while getting to know your fellow tour-goers.

+ How much food?

This tour has five stops, some with only food, one with only drink, and some combining both. Come prepared to eat a full lunchtime meal for an average eater. The amount of food you will eat is spread out over 2.5 hours so you won’t feel overly stuffed.

+ How much walking?

We will walk .8 miles (1.25 km) over 2.5 hours. Everything is taken at a leisurely pace.

+ Food restrictions?

At this time we are not able to accommodate special diets or allergies. Everyone is welcome to come and eat what you'd like (there will be vegetarian tastes), but Cowboy City cannot be responsible to ensure special requests.

+ What will we eat (spoiler alert)?

Subject to change, but currently a sirloin steak, fried pickles, Moscow Mule, golden-crusted meatballs, sushi, and cocktail with cookies.

+ Kids?

Kids are welcome, though the tour content is not geared toward children. All children must pay except toddlers and babies who will not be eating. If your child is three (3) years of age or older, you will need to purchase a ticket for him/her, regardless of if he/she will be participating in the tastings.

+ Parking?

There is free public parking all over downtown. Our meeting point will be indicated once you have purchased a ticket. Because of Frontier Days traffic you may want to arrive early in order to insure extra time to park.

+ Discount for no alcohol?

We do not upcharge for alcoholic drinks. So while there is no discount for not drinking, if you inform us ahead of time, we'll work hard to get you something delicious and non-alcoholic at our booze stops. (And water is available at each stop).

+ Over 21 and drinking alcohol?

Please bring your valid ID.

+ Bathrooms?

Each stop has a restroom which your guide will point out to you, though it is recommended to use the restroom facilities before the tour begins.

+ Gratuity?

Your ticket includes gratuities for food and drink but not the guide. If you felt your tour guide did a great job, please feel free to show your appreciation with a tip. Standard gratuities in the service industry are 15-20%, which is about $10 per person.

+ Tickets in advance?

Yes. We need firm numbers for our restaurants. You can buy tickets up to two hours before the tour starts. You may inquire the day of to see if any last-minute slots are available.

+ Tickets refundable?

Tickets are non-refundable but are transferable. If you can’t attend, you may give your tickets to a friend. It is your responsibility to show up at the right location on time. The events commence promptly.

+ Rain?

Rain or shine, we dine! It rains frequently on Frontier Days afternoons. The tour will run rain or shine, be sure to check the weather and bring an umbrella or sunscreen as appropriate.

+ What should I bring?

Wear comfortable walking shoes. You do not need a hard copy of your ticket as we have an electronic record of your registration.

+ Where?

While the restaurants won't be revealed until the tour, you can trust it's the tastiest and freshest food Cheyenne has to offer!

+ I'm local, is this worthwhile?

Yes! While you always have access to the great restaurants downtown, come discover something new with us. It's also a great way to meet new people or share our city with your guests.

+ Don't get dehydrated!

You are visiting during one of our hottest months of the summer. Though it's a dry heat, please arrive hydrated and continue to drink water throughout the tour. Water bottles are not provided in an effort to reduce plastic, but you are welcome to bring your own.

+ Disability inclusion?

We try to accommodate for people with disabilities. If you are able to travel .8 mile over city sidewalks with curb cuts and get in and out of restaurants that have accessible restrooms, the tour should be able accommodate you. Please let us know what/if any accommodations you require in your note.

+ Are pets allowed on the tour?

Due to the various food establishments we visit, pets of any kind are not allowed.

+ Tours beyond Saturdays? Private tours?

If you are interested in private tours or a weekday tour, please let us know through the Contact page! Think of us for your batchelor/batchelorette party, out-of-town guests, family reunions, team-building, and holiday parties!